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Surface Plasmon Polariton Modes in a Single-crystal Au Nanoresonator Fabricated Using Focused-ion-beam Milling
E. J. R. Vesseur, R. de Waele, H. J. Lezec, H. A. Atwater, F. J. García de Abajo, and A. Polman (2008) (pdf 192K)

Optical Properties of Spherical and Oblate Spheroidal Gold Shell Colloids
J. J. Penninkhof, A. Moroz, A. van Blaaderen, and A. Polman (2008) (pdf 188K)

Nanofocusing in Laterally Tapered Plasmonic Waveguides
Ewold Verhagen, Albert Polman, and L. (Kobus) Kuipers (2008) (pdf 988K)

Plasmon slot waveguides: Towards chip-scale propagation with subwavelength-scale localization
J. A. Dionne,* L. A. Sweatlock, and H. A. Atwater, A. Polman
Physical Review B 73 , 035407 2006. (pdf 822K)

Highly confined electromagnetic fields in arrays of strongly coupled Ag nanoparticles
L. A. Sweatlock, S. A. Maier, and H. A. Atwater, J. J. Penninkhof, A. Polman
Physical Review B 71, 235408 (2005). (pdf 811K)

The New "p–n Junction": Plasmonics Enables Photonic Access to the Nanoworld
Harry A. Atwater, Stefan Maier, Albert Polman, Jennifer A. Dionne, and Luke Sweatlock
MRS Bulletin, May 2005, pp 385-389. (pdf 617K)

Enhanced Radiative Emission Rate and Quantum Efficiency in Coupled Silicon Nanocrystal-Nanostructured Gold Emitters
Julie S. Biteen, Domenico Pacifici, Nathan S. Lewis, and Harry A. Atwater
NANO LETTERS 5, 1768 (2005) (pdf 293K)

Plasmonics: Localization and guiding of electromagnetic energy in metal/dielectric structures
Stefan A. Maier and Harry A. Atwater
Applied Physics Reviews: Journal of Applied Physics 98 , 011101 (2005) (pdf 683K)

Planar metal plasmon waveguides: frequency-dependent dispersion, propagation, localization, and loss beyond the free electron model
J. A. Dionne, L. A. Sweatlock, and H. A. Atwater, A. Polman
Physical Review B 72 , 075405 2005 (pdf 908K)

Surface plasmon enhanced emission from dye doped polymer layers

Terrell D. Neal, Koichi Okamoto, and Axel Scherer
Optics express [1094-4087] (2005) vol:13 iss:14 pg:5522 -5527 (pdf 119K)

Integrated plasmon and dielectric waveguides
Michael Hochberg, Tom Baehr-Jones, Chris Walker, and Axel Scherer
Optics express [1094-4087] (2004) vol:12 iss:22 pg:5481 -5486 (pdf 1M)

Surface plasmon enhanced spontaneous emission rate of InGaN/GaN quantum wells probed by time-resolved photoluminescence spectroscopy
Koichi Okamoto, Isamu Niki, and Axel Scherer,Yukio Narukawa and Takashi Mukai,Yoichi Kawakami
Applied Physics Letters 87 , 071102 2005 (pd 364K)

Surface-plasmon-enhanced light emitters based on InGaN quantum wells
Koichi Okamoto, Isamu Niki, Alexander Shvartser, Yukio Narukawa, Takashi Mukai and Axel Scherer
Nature Materials 3, 601ˆ605 (2004) (pdf 373K)

How to build a superlens

D.R. Smith
Science 308 pg:502 -503 (2005) (pdf 201K)

SubˆDiffraction-Limited Optical Imaging with a Silver Superlens
Nicholas Fang, Hyesog Lee, Cheng Sun, and Xiang ZhangScience 308 pp. 534-537 (2005) (pdf 245K)

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